Swap SLP to Balancer Crystals

Balancer Crystals are two complementary powers fused and held together in perfect suspension, creating a magical harmony and perfect and eternal equilibrium.

Pleasefirst to swap SLP to Balancer Crystals.

What are Balancer Crystals?

Balance Crystals (BCs) are liquidity pool (LP) tokens that have been exchanged at a 1:1 ratio.

Can I purchase or sell Balancer Crystals?

Yes, Balancer Crystals can be purchased or sold on Trove.

What are Balancer Crystals used for?

They are used in different ways throughout the Treasure ecosystem (eg. Bridgeworld) with other use cases planned to be released over time.

Can I exchange my Balancer Crystal back to SLP?

No. Once a SLP has been exchanged to a BC, there is no going back.